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Pics: Natasha Wicks Showing Cleavage for Fight! Magazine

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

The lastest UFC Octagon girl Natasha Wicks will be the featured MMA girl in the upcoming month’s October 2009 Issue of Fight! Magazine.  Topless and wearing just a black leather jacket, Natasha’s new pics have attracted the attention of many in the MMA community. Although only one pic has leaked to the Internet, it sure looks spicey. We’ll post the rest of the Natasha Wicks photos when they become available to us.

Natasha Wicks boobs fight! magazine

Arianny Celeste Fight! MMA Magazine Photo Shoot Pics

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Arianny Celeste has recently done a photo shoot for mma magazine, Fight! Magazine.  The pictures have become available through her myspace page, but have yet to be posted to Fight!’s website.  Enough talk, here are the pics.

Arianny Celeste Fight Magazine Photo Shoot Picture


Arianny Celeste Fight Magazine Photo Shoot Picture 2


Arianny Celeste Fight Magazine Photo Shoot Picture 3

Christie Cartwright Fight! Magazine Photo Shoot Pictures

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

WEC ring girl, Christie Cartwright can be found inside the pages of this month’s Fight! Magazine, the same issue that has Urijah Faber on the cover. The issue also features Frank Mir and his recent comeback and Houston Alexander.  Here are some of the pics of Christie.

Christie Cartwright WEC Ring girl

Christie Cartwright WEC Ring Girl Pics


Christie Cartwright WEC Ring Girl Picture Fight Mag!

Mickey’s Girl Anne Rivera Fight! Magazine Cover Model

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Fight! Magazine has released it’s October / November edition of the magazine and the featured girl for this edition is Mickey’s Girl and UFC Spokesmodel Anne Rivera. We’ve posted some of the pictures from this edition below. You can check out the Fight! Magazine website for all of the pictures. Additionally, check out our Anne Rivera Desktop Wallpaper.

Anne River Fight! Magazine Photos

Anne River Fight! Magazine Photos 2


Anne River Fight! Magazine Photos 3

Fight Magazine’s New Amber Nichole Miller Pics

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Fight Magazine online, a new magazine and a new website is now up and running.  In their first edition, they are packed with articles, here’s a sample of some of the titles:

  1. Matt Serra: Living in the Moment
    UFC Welterweight champ Matt Serra has had a curious route to superstardom. According to Joe Hall the Champ is making the most of it.
  2. Who Can Beat Fedor?
    Find out who’s on the list and why they have a shot to derail the Emelianenko express. Plus we asked Brock Lesnar whether or not he can beat Fedor. Find out what he said.
  3. Team Quest: Pain is merely weakness leaving the body
    Is this the best fight team in the world? Join us as we take a look inside Team Quest…
  4. The Fight of His Life: Roger Huerta
    If you are inspired by Huerta’s courage in the Octagon, wait until you learn what he overcame just to get there.

In addition to some nice articles, Fight! Magazine features one of our favorite ring girls, Amber Nichole Miller!  The pictures from the magazine’s website are posted below.

Amber Nichole Miller Fight Magazine


Amber Nichole Miller Fight Magazine


Amber Nichole Miller Fight Posing


Amber Nichole Miller UFC Pose on Stomach

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