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Fight Girl Ariana Bling Bling Ramirez vs Lisa King Pictures

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Ariana Ramirez is a 115lb female fighter who currently holds a women’s world championship belt after defeating Kanjana Posowan. In 2006 Ariana “Bling Bling” Ramirez was apart of the original Oxygen Network’s Fight Girls Television show. According to The News Tribune:

“Last summer’s show [Referring to Fight Girls 1] took Ramirez to Thailand in early 2006 where she battled the much more experienced Posowan. A few days before that fight, she incurred a serious lower-back injury. Ramirez fought despite it but lost the match.”

Ramirez has also fought Lisa King. The fight against Lisa King Resulted in a draw. Check out some of the pictures below.

Ariana Ramirez Pictures Bling Bling

Ariana Ramirez Pictures Pics

Ariana Ramirez Bling Bling

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