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More MMA Authority Girl Ashley Gellar Pictures

Monday, August 13th, 2007

We recently posted a thread about the new MMA Authority Cover Girl Ashley Gellar. We have discovered a whole plethora of sources of Ashley Gellar images and plan to provide a gallery of pictures. Here’s a preview of the work we plan to discover, along with some more pictures of Ashley Gellar:

  • “Teeze Magazine,” 2004
  • “Fit Beauties Magazine,” 8 page spread, 2004
  • Winghouse Calendars 2004 & 2005, Cover Girl 2004
  • Top 100 in Maxim Magazine’s Hometown Hotties, July 2005
  • “American Curves Magazine,” 6 pg. spread, July 2006
  • “FHM ,” July 2006
  • “Makes and Models Magazine,” 6 page spread, April 2006
  • Bahia Swimwear, Jess K Clothing, & Flirt Catalogs 2006
  • Top 12 Maxim Hometown Hotties, 2006, in July 2006 Issue
  • Swimsuit Calendar Back Cover Girl 2007
  • American Sportscars Calendar Cover Girl 2007
  • “Register Magazine” National Cover Model 2007
  • Cover of Sophie’s Swimwear Catalog- National Distribution 2007
  • Corona Bikini Team Swimsuit Calendar, Cover Girl 2007
  • Fast and Sexy Calendar 2008
  • “Double XL Magazine,” Dec. 2006
  • “The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Digital Photographers,” New Riders Publishing 2007
  • Featured Girl, Feb. 2007
  • Jess K Clothing Catalog 2007
  • “American Curves Magazine,” 6 pg. spread, May 2007
  • MMA Worldwide Centerfold, May 2007
  • Supreme Magazine, Featured Model, 3 pg. spread 2005
  • Dangerous Curves electronic issue, 2005
  • Babe of the Month, April 2006
  • Celebrity Site ( of the Day, September 21, 2006
  • Maximum Fantasy Sports Website Girl of the Month, October 2006
  • Cover Model of Stare Magazine, Nov. 2006
  • Stare Magazine, in 4 Different Issues
  • Crowned Queen of Fort Lauderdale 2007
  • MMA Girl of the Year 2007
  • Dangerous Curves electronic issue, 2007
  • Maxim Online’s Bonus Babe Girl of Maxim, 2007
  • Deck of Cuties, 2007

Ashley Gellar Posing Picture

Ashley Gellar Posing Picture Strobe Magazine


Ashley Gellar Posing Picture Wearing Thong

Two posts combined into one.

  1. First off, Hit Em Up’s Ring Girl of the month is Hvnlee Hvnleee Nancy. Hvnlee Nac is a mother of 2 and a Hit ‘Em Up Fight Wear girl representing Southern California. She is currently pursuing acting and a modeling career.
  1. Second, he’s an interesting non MMA related story… Michelle Manhart. Michelle Manhart is was a US Air Force Training instructor who was released of duty and put under investigation after posing nude for Playboy Magazine in February of 2007. The main concern among the military was Michelle Manhart’s actions in wearing a military uniform (as well as posing completely nude) for the shoot. The military felt that her actions were not aligned with the standard of the military . As a result of modeling for Playboy, she has been demoted of her rank but additional become a PETA member, a Operation Calendar model and Internet Celebrity. She has made her way onto the pages of MSN Online and BBC News Online.

“In a six-page spread in February’s issue, hitting newsstands this week, Manhart is photographed in uniform yelling and holding weapons under the headline “Tough Love.” The following pages show her partially clothed wearing her dog tags while working out, as well as completely nude.” Source – MSN Online

But be a little creative on google and who knows what you may find?

MMA Authority Cover Girl Ashley Gellar Modeling Pictures

Monday, August 13th, 2007

This Month’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Authority Magazine features Actor and Model Ashley Gellar as their cover Authority Girl. Ashley Gellar is currently representing Fearless Fight Gear. Here’s a little bit about Ashley Gellar from her website:

  • I was born in Dunedin, FL on January 28, 1984 and grew up in Palm Harbor.
  • As a child my life was very “storybook,” attending private school, performing in dance recitals, and playing in tree houses with the neighborhood kids.
  • I was a great kid, always getting perfect grades, playing soccer everyday, and staying out of trouble; though high school and college did get a little wild…
  • I graduated a year early from Palm Harbor University High School and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in News Broadcasting at the University of South Florida in Tampa by the age of 20.
  • I moved to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY after graduating to do commercial real estate in the Fashion District. Source –

MMA Authority Magazine

Ashley Gellar MMA Authority Magazine Pics

Ashley Gellar MMA Authority Magazine Pictures



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