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MMA Authority Cover Girl Jessica Barton Has a Twin Jennifer! Pics and Video

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

We just posted MMA Authority Cover Girl Jessica Barton, but did you know that she has a twin sister Jessica? Jessica is the older sister of the twins by four minutes. Here’s a little bit about them:

“We were born in Rome, Georgia. Jessica is the oldest by 4 minutes. We have an older brother R.D. When we were around 2, we moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida. There we lived all the way till we graduated from cocoa Beach High School. That was the time we started to get into modeling. Jessica got into modeling by being a makeup artist for a photographer and getting photos by him and getting some exposure to where I am now.”

  • Jessica’s first car was a four door automatic Honda Accord EX 17.2 in the quarter mile!
  • Jennifer’s first car was a crappy Saturn….it’s so embarrassing.
  • We are into cars so much because our brother has always been into cars. He’s only 21 and has owned like 15 cars. It’s crazy. So he started making us go to car clubs and before we knew it we were hooked.
  • Jessica: I would love to get into acting or singing. love both and they are challenging to me. I am ready for a challenge.
  • Jennifer: I’m not sure yet. I just like to see what comes my way. I definitely
    like the modeling for now. - Source Barton Twins Website

We have found some pictures and video of the twins in action, check them out.

Jessica Barton Jennifer Barton Barton Twins

Jessica Barton Jennifer Barton Barton Twins

Barton Twins Pictures Jennifer and Jessica

Barton Twins Car Girls

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