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Competition Pushes The UFC To Go Free With PPV’s

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

We all know that EliteXC has an upcoming event on October 4th featuring MMA stars Ken Shamrock, Kimbo Slice, Cyborg, Gina Carano among others.  We all know that’s it for free, thanks to CBS Saturday Night Fights.  And well all know that this is competition for market share for the UFC.  So, just like last time, the UFC has responded with some free PPV airings.  Now… airing a live PPV and airing a repeat of a Pay Per View are two different things.  Most of us have already seen UFC 86, which will air for free on Spike TV, the same night, Oct 4th, that EliteXC will be airing live.  We also have seen UFC 87 which will air free, October 11th, the same night that Affliction’s canceled PPV event was suppose to show.  So why is the UFC going to these measures to air less competitive content?  Which station will you be tuning into on October 4th?  If you DVR or Tivo both airings, which will you watch in real time? I know that I’ll be sitting back watching EliteXC live rocking my Team Kimbo T-shirt.

Arianny Celeste UFC 86 Preparty Pics

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Combat Lifestyle once again was on the Party Scene for UFC 86. On July 4th, Arianny Celeste had a UFC 86 preparty (is this a new thing?). Below are some pics of Arianny from the party at Studio 54.

Arianny Celeste UFC 86 Party Pics

Arianny Celeste UFC 86 Party Pics 2

UFC 86 Fight Results, Forrest Griffin Upsets Quinton Rampage Jackson

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

The fight results are in from UFC 86 and Forrest Griffin is the new UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.  Forrest did an excellent job taking on Jackson at UFC 86.  The first round of the fight, although Forrest pushed the pace, Rampage showed better stand up than Forrest, landing a shot that rocked him.  In the second, Forrest threw an excellent leg kick landing on the knee of Rampage causing him to buckle.  Forrest than took Rampage to the ground, pounded a bit and attempted several submissions.  In the remaining rounds, both fighters exchanged, but Forrest pushed the pace and landed more shots than Rampage.  The fight ended with an unanimous decision, Griffin the new Champ.

  • Forrest Griffin defeated Quinton Jackson by unanimous decision
  • Patrick Cote defeated Ricardo Almeida by split decision
  • Joe Stevenson defeated Gleison Tibau by submission – Round 2
  • Josh Koscheck defeated Chris Lytle by unanimous decision
  • Tyson Griffin defeated Marcus Aurelio by unanimous decision
  • Gabriel Gonzaga defeated Justin McCully by submission – Round 1
  • Cole Miller defeated Jorge Gurgel by submission – Round 3
  • Melvin Guillard defeated Dennis Siver by TKO – Round 1 – Amazingly fast strikes with pin point accuracy.
  • Justin Buchholz defeated Corey Hill by submission – Round 2

UFC 86 Weigh In Pics – Edith Larente Sizes Up Arianny Celeste

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

While Rampage and Forrest Griffin size each other up for tonight’s UFC 86 fight, Edith Larente and Arianny Celeste do just the same among themselves.  Apparently Edith feels a bit threatened by Arianny.

Edith Larente and Arianny Celeste UFC 86


Edith Larente and Arianny Celeste UFC 86 2

UFC 86 – Josh Koscheck Talks Positive About Chris Lytle Video

Friday, July 4th, 2008

ESPN interviews Josh Koscheck regarding his UFC 86 fight tomorrow night with Chris Lytle. Koscheck states that he can’t say anything bad about Lytle, he’s a real standup fighter. Josh is looking to come out and dominate the fight.

Koscheck responds by saying that he had to think about fighting Koscheck for a second. He’s been fighting really well and punishing people and it made him think for a second. Overall, Chris says, expect the best fight of the night.

Quinton Rampage Jackson vs Forrest Griffin Fight Video

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Today is June 25th, on July 5th, UFC Fighters Quinton Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin will be the main event for UFC 86 at Mandalay Bay… But somehow we already have the Ramage vs Griffin fight video and they never fought against each other before? How is this possible you might ask? Well, we’re not willing to give up our sources, but we have proof in the form of a video below.



UFC 86 Fight Results – Rampage vs Forrest Griffin

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