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Fight Girls Phuket Muay Thai Finals Highlight Video Gina Carano, Kerry, Felice, Ardra, Miriam Dawn

Friday, August 31st, 2007

This is cool, kkryptyk from youtube took all of the Fight Girl Phucket championship videos highlights and put them together to make on nice highlight video.  All of the Fight Girl finalists (Miriam NakamotoArdra Hernandez, Dawn Boyd, Felice Herrig and Kerry Vera) are in this Highlight Video, plus Gina Carano throwing some crazy knees and an amazing spinning back fist!

Miriam Nakamoto Fight Girl Phuket Final Muay Thai Bout

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Miriam Nakamoto dominated her opponent during the final hours of her Fight Girl Phucket Finals.   The first round of the fight Miriam Nakamoto’s opponent was quick to be aggressive coming into the ring.  She shot and dropped knees. In the second round that all changed.  Miriam started throwing some serious punches and devastating kicks.  In the final round she dropped her opponent with one wicked kick to the gastrocnemius muscle.  Check out the video:

Miriam Nakamoto Queens Cup Thailand Celebration Bangkok Thailand

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

The full fight video in two parts of Miriam Nakamoto’s Bangkok Thailand Queens Cup Celebration WPMO 63 KG Muay Thai fight have been posted to myspace TV. The event took place on August 12, 2007 in Bangkok. Miriam took her lumps but in the end, brought home her second queens cup! Watch the video below:

Here’s the take about the fight from Tiger Muay Thai:

“Tiger Muay Thai / Ultimate Fitness Fighter, Miriam Nakamoto captured the WMPO World Muay Thai Championship @ the Queen’s Cup Celebration 2007 at Sunam Luang Park, Bangkok, Thailand on August 12, 2007.

Miriam overcame strange hours, TV delays, and a hardcore opponent to win the World Muay Thai Title. Miriam trained hard @ Tiger Muay Thai and MMA with trainer Jeab and Saohin to prepare. Miriam also trained at Ultimate Fitness in U.S.A. and Thai champion, Thonglor before coming back to Thailand and prepare for her fight. Miriam now moves to 5-0 as a Women’s Muay Thai fighter.

Miriam won every round as she outscored her opponent from Turkey with clean Muay thai technique. Miriam set up her hands with solid inside an outside leg kicks scoring high then feinting low to set up heavy combinations with her hands including left hooks and slashing elbows.

Miriam is planning on defending her title @ the King’s Cup in December and may be taking a fight against a Thai Woman’s Champion at 61 Kilo.” – Source: Tiger Muay Thai

Fight Girl Miriam Nakamoto Modeling Pictures

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Not only is Fight Girl Miriam Nakamoto a fighter, but a model too!  Miriam has some of her modeling pictures shared on her myspace account.  The modeling pictures include a variety of photos from swimwear to conservative shots.  Some of the pictures are below, you can view the rest at Miriam’s myspace page.

Miriam Nakamoto Modeling Pictures Fight Swimsuit Pics


Miriam Nakamoto Modeling Fight Girls Pics

Miriam Nakamoto Modeling Pictures Fight Girls Pic

Miriam Nakamoto vs Maria Elena Anderson Fight Video

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

There’s a ton of people out there rooting for Fight Girl Miriam Nakamoto and I’m glad to see this.  From our experiences, she’s a super nice person with an outstanding personality.  This video is from Miriam Nakamoto’s pro boxing debut against Maria Elena Anderson.  The quality of the video is not great, but worth a look.  Miriam told us that she received a fractured eye socket and concussion from this fight, spending 2 days in ER.  If she okays it, we’ll give you a direct quote that’s humorous.

Miriam Nakamoto Older Fight Pics

Master Toddy’s Girls Go To Fight in Thailand

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

So we’ve been talking about Fight Girls for some time… As many of you know, the girls are now making their way to Thailand to fight – we recently posted a Fight Girl spoiler about this. Let’s show a quick breakdown of who’s making their way to the finals:

  • Felice Herrig
    • Felice Herrig defeated Gina Reyes by unanimous decision after three rounds.
  • Dawn Boyd
    • Dawn Boyd defeated Jeanine Jackson by unanimous decision after three rounds.
  • Kerry Vera (Yeah Brandon Vera!)
    • Kerry Vera defeated Lisa Mills by unanimous decision after three rounds.
  • Ardra Hernandez
    • Ardra Hernandez defeated Michelle Waterson by unanimous decision after three rounds.
  • Miriam Nakamoto
    • Miriam Nakamoto defeated Jennifer Tate by split decision after three rounds

    Master Toddy Fight Girls Picture

    These are not all of the remaining Fight Girls, just a cool picture.

Miriam Nakamoto Upcoming Fights and Fight Girl Spoiler

Friday, July 20th, 2007

I came across the Tiger Muay Thai Phucket, Thailand MMA Training Camp website and found some good information about Miriam Nakamoto. She has an upcoming muay thai fight in Thailand that you all should know about… Additionally… SPOILER! The website mentioned the outcome of Master Toddy’s Fight Girl Competition in Thailand. I’ll post that info last just in case you don’t want to know about it.

“Miriam Nakamoto will be fighting on the first night of celebrations for the Queen of Thailand’s Birthday called “The Queen’s Cup.” on August 11th 2007. Miriam will be fighting at 63 kg against a Women’s Muay thai Fighter [We now know that it’s Helena] from Turkey. Miriam is an excellent fighter and will be training in USA and at TMT for her upcoming fight. ” The event will be broadcasted on Thai TV networks.

The Fight Girls Miriam Spoiler Information Follows The Picture. Don’t Read Anymore if you don’t want to know the Outcome of the Thailand Finals!


Miriam Nakamoto Thailand Fight

Outcome of the Fight Girl Competition in Thailand for Miriam Spoiler:

“She won her first fight here in Thailand with an impressive 3rd round KO in May a as a part of master Toddy’s fightteam that came to Phuket.”

Miriam Nakamoto defeats Jennifer Tate to Move on to Thailand

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

In last night’s episode of Oxygen’s Fight Girls, Miriam Nakamoto fought Jennifer Tate.  Going into the fight, there was a lot of in house drama targeted against Miriam.  All of the remaining girls in the house had a clear dislike for Miriam… possibly due to her desire to spend time alone, maybe for the male friend she found while on the trip, or possibly for reasons we do not see on camera?  But this is nothing new to Miriam.  Miriam stated that she had a tough upbringing –  she was in and out of juvenile dentention and outcasted by her parents.

But enough about the drama… what about the fight?  In the first round Jennifer Tate was clearly dominant.  Jennifer pushed forward and was landing a lot of punches.  The second round Miriam came out like a little ball of fire.  She was very technical in putting Jennifer into a muay thai clinch, landing knees and a fury of punches.  Miriam continued this pace in the third round and despite all of the drama targeted toward her, she took home the win.  Miriam will now go on to fight in Thailand.  Hopefully she and the other girls will work out their differences before then.

Miriam Nakamoto Fighting Pic

Miriam Nakamoto is ripped as hell!

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