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Gina Carano in and Fedor Out of MMA in 2011?

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

After his second defeat in the ring, Fedor Emelianenko suggested that God’s may be telling him something and that perhaps last night would be his last fight in the ring. Whether or not this will hold true in 2011 is unknown, however, another big announcement of the night was that after spending some time away from the sport filming a movie, Gina Carano is ready to once again enter the cage.  Gina stated that she has started training again, and she wants to enter the ring to settle the score for herself.  When asked where she has been training, after some hesitation she stated all of the place, but mainly in Vegas.   As of February 2nd, Xtreme Couture announced that they wanted to welcome Gina back to training as she spent the day training at Xtreme Couture with Gil Martinez. Who might she fight and when is still unknown, however, expect to see her in the cage this year.

Video: Gina Carano Hitting the Bag in her Undies!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Earlier this week we blogged about the High Resolution Gina Carano ESPN “The Body” Pics. Now, we’re trying to one up that post with the behind the scenes video from Gina’s most memorable photo shoots – her working on the bag while in her underwear. Thanks ESPN. Check out the video below.

High Resolution Gina Carano ESPN “The Body” Images

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

A big thanks goes out to MMA Duder for thinking of us.  He wanted to share with all of you the beauty of these hi-res Gina Carano “The Body” images from  The clarity of these images released by ESPN are much better than the Gina Carano ESPN Topless pictures that we released in the past.  Enjoy the pics:

Gina Carano Topless boobs nude

Gina Carano Sexy Topless Photo Shoot for ESPN “The Body” Pics and Video

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

ESPN is soon to release “The Body” magazine featuring a collection of up and close body photographs of various professional athletes including Gina Carano, Serena Williams, Dwight Howard, Manny Pacquiao, Claire Bevilacqua in a bare state. The photographers have done an excellent job showing the perfection of these athletes bodies for the purpose of their sport. Most notable to the MMA world is one of six covers featuring MMA sensation Gina Carano topless while executing a knee strike. In addition to Gina, Serena also made the cover in the buff.

Gina Carano Topless boobs nude


Serena Williams Topless boobs nude

Gina Carano Stripping Down Flip Book Style

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Combat Lifestyle took some awesome photos at the Gina Carano vs Cyborg Weigh in last week.  Tracy got a perfect frame by frame breakdown of Gina’s strip show to make weight.  This would make an awesome flip book.  Just scroll. Enjoy the pics.

 George Carano stripping into pantiesGeorge Carano stripping into panties 2George Carano stripping into panties victoria secretGeorge Carano stripping into panties victoria secretGeorge Carano stripping into panties victoria secretGeorge Carano stripping into panties victoria secretGeorge Carano stripping into panties victoria secretGeorge Carano stripping into panties victoria secret

George Carano stripping into panties victoria secret

Gina Carano vs Chris Cyborg Strikeforce Fight Results – Who Won?

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

The first Strikeforce fight to air live tonight was Fabricio Werdum vs. Mike Kyle.  The fight ended early in the first round via a guillotine choke by Fabricio. Fabricio was in deep, maintained his position and after some struggles by Kyle, Kyle tapped.

The second fight of the night was Gilbert Melendez vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida.  Ishida and Melendez had some bad blood from a past fight in which Ishida took the victory.  Melendez came out for revenge and got it.  After landing a ton of blows to Ishida’s damaged ear while in rear mount, the fight was stopped and Melendez became the champ.

The third fight of the night was Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs. Gegard Mousasi.  Mousasi, beging the “Dream Stopper”, came out and did his thing.  Cool as a cucumber going into the fight, Mousasi goes to the mat with Babalu and ends the fight quickly after KO’ing Sobral while on the ground.

The main event as we all know it was Gina Carano vs Chris Cyborg.  Going into the fight Cyborg had the advantage over Carano.  But in the end, the advantage was much greater than we all thought.  The round started with a very aggressive Cyborg running through Carano with a barrage of strikes and easy take downs.  Cyborg continued to bring Carano down at will.  At one point during the middle of the first round, Carano started regaining some steam and landing strikes.  However, it was clear that the strikes were no affecting Cyborg and Gina was running out of gas.  Toward the end of the first round the fight went to the mat.  Cyborg gained mount and began teeing off.  Cyborg stood over Gina and continuing landing a barrage of punches ending it with only 1 second left in the first, referee stoppage.

Gina Carano vs Cyborg Sexy Weigh in

Gina Carano Weighs in Wearing Victoria’s Secret – Pics Included

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Last night Gina Carano and Chris “Cyborg” Santos weighed in for tonight’s Strikeforce “Carano vs Cyborg” event.  Gina Carano showed up wearing Victoria’s Secret line of Pink panties.  While the extremely ripped Cyborg opted to wear a bikini and boardshorts. That’s not to say that Gina’s hardwork during training hasn’t payed off.  She looked much more fit than she has in the past several years and came in significantly under weight at 143 pounds.  While Cyborg only had a half pound to spare (144 1/2 pounds).  But that’s not why you’re here, is it?  No, it’s the pics. So without any more hesitation, check out Gina Carano wearing Pink undies.

Gina Carano vs Cyborg Sexy Weigh in Pictures


Gina Carano vs Cyborg Sexy Weigh in Pictures Love Pink Victoria Secret Gina Carano vs Cyborg Sexy Weigh in Pictures Love Pink Victoria Secret Undies Gina Carano vs Cyborg Sexy Weigh in

Gina Carano, Heels, A Camera, All on Video For you

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Gina Carano talks a bit about her past, the troubles that her older sister faced which in turn affected her high school years, the benefits of fighting, all followed up with a sexy photoshoot.  Peep it out.

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