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Forrest Griffin Hits Borders Trying to Sell His Book “Got Fight?”

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

UFC Fight Forrest Griffin hits the local Border stores trying to get more people to buy his new book “Got Fight?”.  As we all know, Forrest has a great personality and is quite the funny man.  Watch what happens as he tries to “bully” people into buying his book.  He tells only lady looking for self help books that “Got Fight?” is the number 8 seller for self help books on NY Times best seller list. One jacked dude buys Bret Heart’s gay ass book over his.  Another lady calls Forrest out for wearing a bathingsuit in public.

UFC Life Size Stand Up Cardboard Cut Outs: Brock, Georges St Pierre, Liddell, Randy, Forrest

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

The UFC is now selling Life size stand up cardboard cut out of many of the famous UFC fighters including Chuck Liddell, Brock Lesnar, Randy Couture, Georges St. Pierre and Forrest Griffin.  For only $33.99, you and your friends can hang out with the UFC stars, or beat the crap out of them.  Shipping is only available via UPS ground for 15 bucks.

Brock Lesnar Lifesize Stand Up/

Brock Lesnar Lifesize Stand Up – $33.99

Georges St Pierre Lifesize Stand Up/

Georges St Pierre Lifesize Stand Up – $33.99

Forrest Griffin Lifesize Stand Up/

Forrest Griffin Lifesize Stand Up – $33.99

Chuck Liddell Lifesize Stand Up/

Chuck Liddell Lifesize Stand Up – $33.99

Randy Couture Lifesize Stand Up/

Randy Couture Lifesize Stand Up – $33.99

Forrest Griffin Says Rashad Evans Has “People Don’t Get Up Right Away Knockouts” Video

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Forrest Griffin was recently interviewed regarding his upcoming UFC 92 fight against Rashad Evans.  Forrest stated that he thinks that Rashad is an under ranked fighter and has been forgotten about / flying under the radar for a while now.  Forrest additionally states that Rashad has more knock outs then himself and like “People Don’t Get Up Right Away Knockouts”, the most recent being Chuck Liddell.  Forrest also states that Rashad has fought a lot of good guys and has totally impressed Forrest.  Rashad has tremendous hand speed and has learned to use it.  Forrest plans to be prepared at all times because Rashad is capable of coming in with combinations at any time quickly.  If he happens to take Forrest down, he plans to just work his ass off against Rashad and go hard against him.

Chuck Liddell To Win Back His Championship Title From Forrest Griffin at UFC 92

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Wow, the UFC fight card rumors keep piling in.  Earlier today it was the UFC 91 match up rumor of Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva and now… UFC 92 Forrest Griffin vs Chuck Liddell.  Word is Iceman RX spilled the beans on this one.  Iceman RX is planning a promotion that will run from September 1st to December 27, aligned with Liddell’s UFC 92 appearance.  But not so fast… Chuck has a UFC 88 fight against Rashad Evans.  We all know that he should walk right through him, but that was the old Chuck, the Chuck that didn’t get beat by Keith Jardine Chuck.  So, given that he beats Rashad, things should line up perfectly for Chuck to face off with Forrest, an opportunity to solidify Forrest’s game.

Here’s what Chuck said to the UK’s The Sun about the deal: “So after I want the title shot, yeah. I was asked about fighting Forrest when he won the Ultimate Fighter three years ago, and I said he’s not ready and I’d beat him up. But he’s ready now and it would be a great fight.”

Chuck Liddell Hummer

Forrest Griffin Talks About His Upcoming Fight Against Rampage – Video

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

ESPN interviews Forrest Griffin regarding his upcoming fight against Quinton Rampage Jackson. Forrest states that Rampage is a bigger stronger guy, he hits harder than Forrest does, but Forrest will hit him more often. But every time Rampage slams someone, it’s a chance to scramble. Forrest thinks that he’s faster than Rampage and he’ll frustrate him on the ground. Currently Forrest has developed a game plan and he’s going to stick with it. He has already tested himself and he knows what he’s all about. He’s prepared for 25 minutes and is willing to take more pain than anyone. Get ready for a sick fight!

Quinton Rampage Jackson vs Forrest Griffin Fight Video

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Today is June 25th, on July 5th, UFC Fighters Quinton Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin will be the main event for UFC 86 at Mandalay Bay… But somehow we already have the Ramage vs Griffin fight video and they never fought against each other before? How is this possible you might ask? Well, we’re not willing to give up our sources, but we have proof in the form of a video below.



UFC 86 Fight Results – Rampage vs Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin Update – The Ultimate Fighter 7 and Quinton Rampage Jackson Fight

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Forrest Griffin’s friend and assistant Frank posted an update to Forrest Griffin’s myspace bulletin today. Frank stated that Forrest has been extremely busy (He’s been putting 12 hour days into the project) filming The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 for Spike TV which will air on April 2, 2008. At the end of the season, Forrest will take on Quinton Rampage Jackson for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.  The date of the event has not been set yet, but expect a hell of an exciting fight.

Forrest Griffin UFC Fighter Getting Ready to Fight

Quinton Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin TUF 7 Coaches

Monday, December 10th, 2007

It was announced at the end of The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale that Forrest Griffin and Quinton Rampage Jackson would be the coaches for TUF season 7.  Not only is this an amazing announcement because it validates Forrest as being at a level capable of training UFC newcomers, but additionally, because Forrest is given an opportunity at the end of the season to face off with Rampage!  The two will face off for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship belt.

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