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Matt Hamill’s Response to UFC 78 Evans vs. Bisping

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Matt Hamill responded to today’s UFC 78 announcement that Michael Bisping would fight Rashad Evans for the UFC 78 Main Event. Here’s what he said about the UFC 78 announcement on his website:

Wow! Let me just say… I am in shock. First, I get hosed by two judges in London and now the much anticipated rematch has evaporated in front of my eyes. I’m starting to feel like the deck is stacked against me. Duff, my trainer/manager told me he thought something like this would happen when he read Bisping’s statement on the internet. He said it looked like Bisping was looking for a way out of the rematch. I posted a statement about my knee surgery on 9/25 so everyone would know it was minor, and I would be ready by mid December. I didn’t think six weeks was that long of a wait, apparently, Bisping and the UFC did. I am so hungry to fight. I had surgery to add wrestling back to my arsenal. I fought Bisping’s fight at UFC 75 and I was looking forward to fighting my fight in the rematch. I feel honored that so many people have told me I won the fight in London. It makes the decision easier for me to accept. I want to fight… I want to fight ASAP! Hopefully the UFC will schedule a fight for me soon. I would like to fight in December or January and hopefully Bisping after that… If Bisping has the guts to do it again.”

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11 Responses to “Matt Hamill’s Response to UFC 78 Evans vs. Bisping”

  1. Sonny Says:

    Go Bisping! You rock! We all know you’re the real champion and Bisping is a joke.

  2. Sonny Says:

    Go Hamill! You rock! We all know you’re the real champion and Bisping is a joke.

  3. Paul Says:

    Bisping got hamilled! He chickend out!

    So as usual, Matt has won twice.

    Shame on those London judges! They were bought!

    Tsk! Tsk!

  4. DeafKathy Says:

    Don’t give up, aim for the goal you have and time will tell ya! Im behind you all the way… Cheers!

  5. Lois Says:

    Go for it! Be a winner! Be famous! You can win!
    From your fan,

  6. Mike Says:

    Hey Matt, don’t lose heart… You won that fight in London and Bisping knows it!! Train hard, fight hard & you will get your rematch… you have UK fans too you know!!

  7. tony Says:

    Dumb yank the english judge gave it to hamill and the two dumb yanks gave it to Bisping hahahaha flmao come on Bisping put evans in a box!!! Bisping will kill a nigga if he has to. lol

  8. The Lion Says:

    bisping sucks.
    that fight wa rigged.
    Hamill won.

  9. Judge Says:

    Regarding to comments stated as above so here it is…

    Click here to sign Official Petition: Matt Hamill’s decision

    Small portion of the deaf community?

    Wait and see…

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