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Fight Girl Felice Herrig Pics

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Felice Herrig, aka “The Esthetcian” is another female MMA figher featured on Oxygen’s Fight Girls. Felice was the first fighter on the show to win a fight, and has won herself a trip to Thailand to fight. Felice has fought a total of 15 fights and only lost her first 2. You can read more about Felice at the Oxygen Website, her partial bio is below:

“Felice is an adorable saucy, Italian who spends her days giving facials and making women feel beautiful. At night, however, she diligently trains in how to make women feel pain…” – Source Oxygen Network

Felice Herrig Fight Girl

Felice Herrig Gina Carano Pic

Felice and Gina Carano

Felice Herrig and Brandon Vera

Felice and Brandon Vera

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4 Responses to “Fight Girl Felice Herrig Pics”

  1. UFC Girls MMA Wallpaper » Blog Archive » Felice Herrig vs. Gina Reyes First Fight Girl Video Says:

    […] Free MMA Desktop Wallpaper | UFC Octagon Girl Pics and Videos | MMA Fight Girls | Sitemap « Fight Girl Felice Herrig Pics […]

  2. Bernard Says:

    she dont look lik she is a good fighter i bet i could beat her

  3. Computers Says:

    I would like a wikipedia style and design, was questioning when you or your audience could stage me in the proper path?

  4. Fight Gear Says:

    Fight Girls are the charm of the whole MMA :) Keep it up

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