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Underground Non MMA Fights –

Bookmark and Share is yet another league to hit the MMA Scenes, but with an underground niche. They however, they claim not to be MMA. On their website they state:

“RioHeroes is a vale tudo fight league with no intentions of replicating or conforming to any of the current MMA fight leagues. The company has nothing against MMA, however, we strive to provide real life fights without corporate sanctioned regulations, rounds, or time limits. RioHeroes is a true vale tudo league and will remain that way forever.”

“All of our fighters have come together to agree on a basic set of rules which we refer to as the Warrior’s Code. This includes: no eye-gouging, no hair pulling, no biting, and no groin shots. Besides that, Anything Goes.”

I don’t I agree with all of this.. Seems like a lot of unnecessary danger.. I think I’ll stick with the UFC, Pride, IFL, Bodog, etc.. What do you guys think of all this? I’d like to hear your thoughts on RioHeroes.

Here’s a preview video for their upcoming November Event.

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5 Responses to “Underground Non MMA Fights –”

  1. Jackie Says:

    I think its fine… the mma world is too hollywood and the escence of real fighting and martial arts have been lost. You can keep holding on to what “you believe” is a sport; your entitled to your opinions because we are both humans. However, the UFC and other fight leagues have used gloves and rules to tone down the truth of what violence and fighting truly are. Granted one could break their fist in a bare knuckle fight, yet a boxer recieves more head and brain trauma becasue of the larger amount of strikes and punches. Flip a coin, thats where its at right now…

    God speed…

  2. Jose Says:

    I fell upon the rio heros videos on you tube and was glad to see the real grit of this fighting style brought to light again. I practiced martial arts myself and was watching UFC in its infancy and was blown away. Alot of people out there make comments about human cock fighting and how brutal the sport is. These are the same people who slow down at the seen of an accident and look down at people who swear alot; mean while they drop an f bomb every now and then when telling a story. They are also the same people who blame violence on video games. Hypocrites; fighting has been around since the dawn of man. Violence and murder aswell; you cant tell me Manson got his ideas from playing pong on his comador. Rio Heroes is just televising real fighters who fight for survival, honor, and recognition. There is alot of poverty and crime in brazil. These guys decided to take up this martial art not only for survival but seizing an opportunity of making some money and a name for themselves. They also know that people are watching and if the right one picks them up then they could have a shot at being the next royce gracie.

  3. BaM Says:
  4. miky Says:

    quanto guadagnano a incontro i combattenti del rio heroes

  5. miky Says:

    quanto guadagnano a incontro i combattenti

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