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Hughes and Serra Make Men’s Fitness Magazine Cover – UFC 79

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Matt Serra and Matt Hughes have made the cover of the latest (December 2007) Men’s Fitness magazine.  Looking at the cover on a news stands, you’ll see Hughes’ picture.  But after opening the magazine, you’ll notice a gatefold cover matching up Hughes versus Serra.  It’s a cool cover.  Check out the press release from the UFC:

“The magazine went behind-the-scenes with Welterweight Champion Matt Serra and #1 Contender Matt Hughes to get an idea of how they live and how they train. Practical step-by-step exercises that help get Serra and Hughes into shape are accompanied by the real heat between these two arch-rivals. Check out this lengthy story about what makes these men great rivals and great fighters.”

Men’s Fitness Magazine Cover

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One Response to “Hughes and Serra Make Men’s Fitness Magazine Cover – UFC 79”

  1. JC Says:

    The right Matt is on the front….integrity speaks volumes. What comes out of the mouth of Serrrrrrra is Fear and short man syndrome. Sorry, you asked.

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