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Chuck Zito Shopping Around For a Cage Fight Deal?

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On the Howard Stern Show today, New York Bad Ass Chuck Zito spoke spoke about the possibility of fighting in a cage. Chuck stated that he would like to try himself Chuck Zito MMA Fighterin the cage and has recently cut over 30 pounds to get into fighting shape. Currently weighing approximately 207lb, Chuck is preparing himself for hopefully his first cage fight. Chuck stated that he has experience in 7 various martial arts forms, including Jujitsu. He additionally is very notable, much like Kimbo Slice, for his street toughness. Chuck is a former Hell Angels, Bodyguard, Golden Gloves fighter and more recently a Radio Personality and Actor.

Chuck is currently 54 years old, soon to be 55 in March. If Chuck were to enter the cage, he would be one of the oldest MMA fighters to enter the ring. Chuck mentioned the fact that Ron Van Clief was one of the oldest fighters to enter the cage at 51 years old, for UFC 4. Ron Van Clief lost quickly to Royce Gracie, 3 minutes and 59 seconds into the first round via a rear naked choke.

As for what league Chuck might fight in? Chuck stated that it doesn’t have to be the UFC, he knows of 10 other organizations that he could possibly fight for. But will it ever happen? I sure hope so, he dropped a figure for 5 million to fight… not sure if he is serious / dead set on this number, if so… we’ll most likely never see the fight.

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12 Responses to “Chuck Zito Shopping Around For a Cage Fight Deal?”

  1. Joe, NJ Says:

    Chuck Zito would be a formidable opponet for ANYBODY in any cage regardless of the organization.
    And I would, in fact pick him over several UFC contenders.
    But, lets get to another fact.
    If my life were on the line and I had a choice of whom I would pick to back me up, it would not be Lesnar, Kimbo, Liddell or any one of the many top tier MMA fighters.
    I would pick Chuck as my best insurance to survive a life threatning situation.
    If Chuck Zito gets to fight in an MMA cage win, lose, or draw he is going to put a serious hurt on his opponent.
    And to those that are bringing up his age.
    The man has trained his entire life that alone deducts some years.
    Remember Foreman vs. Moorer?
    It would be foolish for anyone with common sense and a brain to think that Chuck Zito is not worth his asking price for such a fight.

  2. Joe, Mercervile, NJ Says:

    Oh, I forgot.
    In response to comments on other sites regarding the Van Damme situation.
    On big mouth was commenting about Chuck “sucker punching” Van Damme and that Chuck should have fought him in a “fair fight”.
    Has this “moron” ever heard of the “first strike” principle?
    Hit him before the fight starts, that’s a common rule everyone should adhere to on the street.
    Chuck has always shown himself to be a class act and this action must have been warranted.
    These debates will go on and on.
    I can assure you of one thing. These “big mouths” would not have the intestinal fortitude to make these comments if Chuck was in the same room with them.

  3. Adam Cain Says:

    Chuck is a tool…Not all Hells Angels are tough…Lets see him get in the ring and get his butt kicked. Why do they give him anytime in the spotlight he’s just a thug….

  4. Flaviane Says:

    Chuck é muito forte a acredito q ele fara uma boa luta.E o preço pedido por ele é muito justo,ele é um grande lutador capaz de enfrtentar qualquer dos dias atuais.

  5. ROTFLMAO at HA Says:

    Everyone knows Chuck is not a fighter just a wanta be punk from the hells angels. Chuck is not tough enough to stand up to normal American men without his gang of chicken head hells angel losers to back his ass up.

    The guy was not even a good amateur probably never won a real fight on the street with out his gang jumping in.

    USA hells angels are famous for harming raping molesting and murdering women and children not for being tough. Most hells angels are so far out of shape the gang probably used chuck as their calendar boy to help get men to support them so they don’t have to work LOL chuck a cage fight LOL yeah thats like saying Howard Stern is a man LOL

  6. A Special salute Bottoms up Says:

    This Poem is dedicated to all the men who lived and rode a member of the USA Hells angels motorcycle club.

    Men love me support me wear my cloths. Dress in red and white and look hot for me . I am Hells angel hear me Roar

    Watch me jiggle giggle, and act cute for you. I am a master meat dancer and chicken head knob bobber. I am Hells angel rear me raw.

    I will dance and prance and put you all in a trace. I am Hells angels rear me raw.

  7. recent ha crimes against women and children Says:

    comments were removed from bridgewater some can be seen at this link above

  8. chickenheads can't fight Says:

    My point is you should not insult the fight community by taking someone like Zito with no real ring or street fight experience and put him in a ring for big money.

    That would be an insult to every victim of the hells angel club and an insult to every child teenager and young man that trains hard to get a chance to fight .

    You logic would be the same as telling kids go join a gang use the gang to help you be a bully and use that to launch you fight career.

    If the old man wanted to be a fighter he had nothing stopping him for the last 56 years LOL. Now when he loses he can use his age as an excuse.

    I don’t know about you but I am not interested in watching and old hells angel calender boy get a big pay day when he already has his age as a built in excuse why he was beaten like a women victim of his club members.

  9. Cornell Mcleod Says:

    Oh my GOD! now there is a excellent way to fix your 360 RROD I just found out last thursday. Check my link posted. If it does not work try rrod-fix-pro dot com.

  10. midlife crisis Says:

    give it up chuck. go out gracefully. im no ufc expert, but damn, these younger guys are just bad. all they want to do is train. i dont care what weight class chuck fights in, but it would be an utter joke. i read his book and all his fights were by his account only. and the scores knockout, the way he explained it, was basically a well planned sucker punch.
    he’s chasing the sunset and if he does fight in the cage he will probrably end up injured for life. a better idea would be to set a prison fight up with him and harry bowman. that would be good. just 2 old guys going at it….

  11. Zito is a coward Says:

    Zito was be owned in prison . Zito was on one of those gay like hells angel calendars. The gay inmates will be fighting over who owns Zito.Zito is just all mouth another attribute for him if he goes back to prison.

  12. Zito is a coward Says:

    young or old Zito was never a formidable opponent for a real fighter. Chuck is just a punk in a gang full of punks and cowards.

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