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MMA as a Fitness Workout – A Place to Train MMA in NYC, Ronin Athletics

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NBC’s 1st Look NY (New York) recently did a segment about MMA as a fitness workout alternative to going to the gym and hitting the treadmill / weights. 1st Look NY met up with Christian Montes, the head instructor of NYC’s leading MMA gym. The question was posed of whether or not MMA training can be a replacement for going to the gym. Christian stated that you can definitely get as strong and in shape in the MMA gym as in a traditional cardio and weight gym. A great point that Christian points out is, training MMA can take your mind off the workout, rather than saying “I’ve got 10 more minutes on the treadmill”.

My personal opinion… Those of train MMA would most likely agree with me… With respect to cardio, I agree 100% that MMA can be a replacement for the treadmill – hitting the pads and sparing is an intensive cardiovascular workout. As for MMA as a replacement for resistance training or weight lifting. Much of the ground game builds muscle strength, chokes and arm bars, as well as rolling requires a great deal of upper and lower body strength. Combine that with stand up to build even more upper body shoulder and back strength.

Check out the video, it gives a bit of an inside look at Ronin Athletics and their instruction Christian, who appears to be a nice guy. Memberships run around $200 a month for gyms in NYC… Head over to Ronin to find out their pricing.

Ronin Athletics
302 West 37th Street, 5th Floor / between 8th and 9th Avenues
Midtown West / New York City

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