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Gina Carano Broke Kim Couture’s Nose – Upcoming Smoker Fight Video Interview

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HDNet Interviews Kim Couture about her upcoming Muay Thai / Boxing Smoker event at Xtreme Couture. This is going to be Kim’s first MMA event and is bringing more attention to the female MMA community. Before she met Randy, Kim had trained a bit in MMA, but was never really technical. As she began more involved with Randy, she met Gina Carano who eventually brought Kim into the gym. Because of Gina, Kim started training more and more technical. Gina and Kim spar together now. There first time Sparring, Gina Carano broke Kim Couture’s nose.

Randy talks about the upcoming fight, he’s happy for his wife. Because her focus has shifted from the business to her own fighting, she now has a lot of weight off her shoulders, can relieve stress and relax a little more. Randy said that he’s not worried about her fighting, and what happens, happens, she doesn’t have to win.

As a side note, Kim stated that the fighters will both be fully protected with headgear and proper padding. The event will take place February 29, aired on HDNet.

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2 Responses to “Gina Carano Broke Kim Couture’s Nose – Upcoming Smoker Fight Video Interview”

  1. Joel Says:

    Damn Gina looks chunky!

  2. Cristina Bousley Says:

    Zuffa is giving us 2 free cards this month, WEC 46 and UFN 20, the least we can as hardcore fans is to help out a struggling UFC 108.

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