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Jenna Jameson Not Happy With Machida’s Unanimous Decision – UFC 84

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From the “pages” of Sports Illustrated, “‘Actress’ Jenna Jameson boos the unanimous decision loss of boyfriend Tito Ortiz as he was defeated by Lyoto Machida in their UFC Light Heavyweight fight last Saturday.”  Looks like she’s put a bit of weight back on, looking much more healthy… before she was looking mad scary.

Jenna Jameson UFC 84

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2 Responses to “Jenna Jameson Not Happy With Machida’s Unanimous Decision – UFC 84”

  1. Boruta Says:

    Its not boos, its blow job.

  2. cris Says:

    fuck that…tito ortiz is a piece of crap when compared to lyoto…he talks shit and thinks he’s hot crap. lyoto is actually modest and just punished the crap out of tito and no1 liked it cuz he was forgein. that fight made my week to see tito put in his place!!!

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