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Joe Rogan’s New Thai Buddha Tattoo + Joe Rogan Talking about his DMT Trip

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Joe Rogan has a new tattoo (well a few months old) which took over 5 sessions to complete, but it’s pretty amazing.  Aaron Della Vedova from Guru Tattoo is the artist who did all of this amazing work.  Apparently the sleeve tattoo depicts Joe’s DMT (Spirit Molecule) trip where he hallucinated and saw an Alien Thai Buddha made out of energy (listen to the video below) telling him not to give into astonishment.  If you look at the molecule in the center of the tattoo it’s the DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, molecule pictured on Wiki.

Joe Rogan DMT Tattoo Thai Buddha

Joe Rogan DMT Tattoo Thai Buddha 2


Joe Rogan DMT Tattoo Thai Buddha 3


Joe Rogan talks about DMT

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20 Responses to “Joe Rogan’s New Thai Buddha Tattoo + Joe Rogan Talking about his DMT Trip”

  1. Got it all wrong Rogan Says:

    Rogan, just come out and say your a pothead and like to abuse drugs. If you study human development you’ll quickly learn that the body is all about finding its equilibrium — a balance. Eat too much food – you get fat. Consume many sugar products – you get diabetes. Abuse drugs – turn into an addict. While you learned a few facts about your own experience using substances, you fail to report what prolonged use will lead to. I like you Joe – you’re a great color commentator and entertainer. I’d hate to wake up one of these days and read that you over dosed on something and are no longer with us…but you’re heading that direction buddy.

  2. Joe Rogan Is Really Into This Hallucinating Thing | MMA Fight News - MMA News, MMA Gear, MMA Training Says:

    […] From MMAFightGirls Joe Rogan has a new tattoo (well a few months old) which took over 5 sessions to complete, but it’s pretty amazing. Aaron Della Vedova from Guru Tattoo is the artist who did all of this amazing work. Apparently the sleeve tattoo depicts Joe’s DMT (Spirit Molecule) trip where he hallucinated and saw an Alien Thai Buddha made out of energy telling him not to give into astonishment. If you look at the molecule in the center of the tattoo it’s the DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, molecule. […]

  3. Shut up Says:

    Well why dont u do it and then talk u fuck bag

  4. dmtblev Says:

    dmt is awesome, everyone should try it

  5. Wyshkat Says:

    Now, i agree…you abuse something it will come back to bite you in the ass..but let me ask you, what is the definition of “abuse” when if comes to natural psychedelics? over-consuming? or letting it destroy aspects of your life? now if by your definition, to abuse a substance is to over-consume, then your theory is completely irrelevant because over-consumption is subjective to everyone. a young girl may feel like shes “over-consuming” if she eats a damn cup cake. you dont know how often joe indulges , and if he is truly someone who can smoke, enjoy himself all of the time,and still get priorities done, then more power to him! he is a living example of how wrong everyones idea on marijuana and other psychedelics really are. And from a scientific standpoint, the drugs that he has spoken out for are the safest as far as fatality rates. Now, if your view on “abuse” is letting drugs destroy certain aspects of your life, then obviously your theory is once again completely irrelevant because he is yet to come out and talk about how these things have done him any wrong. He understands why we as humans have these very instinctual urges to consume things that will alter our state of consciousness and he goes into each experience knowing exactly what he’s going to get out of it. Hes not promoting drug abuse. hes promoting self-exploration. hes not shooting heroin into his fucking arm, and he strongly discourages any drugs that are man made and will do physical harm. he is exploring very natural substances that have been very misunderstood and discriminated against. and he has every right to feel sorry for you who are still ignorant to reality and believe everything that has been spoon-fed to us because he (and I) will get to experience life from many different perspectives.

  6. admin Says:

    Damn Wyshkat, you sure know how to make an argument. More power to you brother.

  7. Im with Wyshkat Says:

    @got it all wrong rogan. I completely agree with Wyshkat. Pointless to repeat what he/she wrote, but like them and Rogan, I have expanded my mind with DMT, LSD , magic shroooms and pot. I have my own successful business and am functional in society as a whole.

    How can one be so against something that you have obviously never tried? I try not to judge without experiencing for myself what the outcome brings first hand. People have gone through life too long taking what is spoon fed to them like milk from a tit and taking it for solid truth. If you would do just a little research, and expand your own viewpoints yourself, make your own conclusions for once, and stop clinging to the tail coats of accepted society, you might grasp true reality. Rogan actively talks the truth about what the higher peons in society don’t want you to hear. He is just a great poster boy for being awake. Society does not want you to have any true insight on life. Anyway, I am just saying to stop being ignorant, and come to your own conclusions on life and what you can experience with it. Stupid sheeple.

  8. f@#$ the first post Says:

    not only that, but how can anybody make a claim like that without ever meeting the person they are judging? i hope that person lives a long miserable lonely life because spewing ignorance like that is all one will end up with. with that said. joe rogan doesnt abuse anything, plain and simple. hes the perfect example of an aware human. dmt isnt even technically a drug in the fact that a drugs definition is a chemical that mimics the effects of a neurotransmitter. that being said, DMT IS A NEUROTRANSMITTER, hence it is not a drug.

  9. Lost Children of Babylon Says:

    “Got it all wrong”. Do you sleep? if so you are also abusing DMT.

    Ignorance is bliss, but you my friend, just sound stupid.

  10. Leather Bound Books Says:

    DMT is present in more multi-celled organisms than it is not, yet scientists still don’t understand it’s purpose. Central and South American tribes have been using it for thousands of years.

    DMT should be approached with a lot of personal discretion. It’s not a party drug, and it differs from other psychadelics in that the visuals are not just alterations but a complete shift into another universe (however defined) with no objects or entities derived from one’s memory.

    Much personal research should be done about this chemical before trying. Posession, extraction and use are illegal. The onset can be quite intense and alarming, especially to ill educated users.
    Physical side effects other than short term blood pressure increase are little. . It sounds scary, but so do so many pharmacuticals.

    It allows users to view our pre determined patterns of society from outside the box, respect for nature/universe. Often, users report a better understanding of their mental burdens and life priorities.

    Whatever it is, it’s a truly eye opening experience that can at first glance be another druggies escape. However, it’s gaining popularity in today’s information age that will someday equal where marijuana now stands with the law. It’s no longer just another hippie drug.

  11. ashlee..xo' Says:

    Dmt is amazing! Its not abusing drugs its a spiritual adventure that can put life into perspective. Me and my boyfriend take it and it give you so much inner peace.. And if it was abusing it then you are too, its a natural chemical that’s released into your brain when you sleep via the pineal gland. So if your going to comment on domething you don’t actually know about google it mate! Btw amazing tattoo!!!

  12. ashlee..xo' Says:

    And one more thing dumbass its not a drug people go and take in a party and can’t overdose, its actually safe.. Go on erowid and look up some shit before you speak about these things or try it, you mite like it, or go take 4-aco it’ll make you realise what a thick shite you are LOL. Peace out. Northern ireland psychedelics!

  13. Goadzilla Says:

    Dmt is easy to make yourself, i wonder if rogan does that too.
    I’m from holland and i can get any drug without to much effort. however, dmt is the only thing that is not out there on the streets. best if you make it urself. i do find that rogan copies a lot of theories, but still better than ones that dont make any sense (yeah you top comment )
    Peace Namasté

  14. blazinblunts420 Says:

    fuck all yall pussys. dmt if a wonderfull mind expanding creation. just use it in good ways not like a fuckin crack head. it allows crazy and wonderfull thoughts and sights to come into veiw and really allows you to get a understanding of new things. im glan someone famous brought up a amazing underground drung to be now known by the public, now many more people will be able to truely open their minds and get in touch with them selves BECUASE of this amazing cretion.

  15. DiAndre' Maldonado Says:

    ok top comment… fucking dumbass. if you could stop being so ignorant and look at the fact that DMT really can be a life transforming thing im sure you wouldnt think its such a bad idea yourself. i havent tried it but have recently been looking into it knowing that hallucinogens is a good way to connect with your inner being and take you to higher planes of thinking. its definitely something i think every should try at some point and am very excited to try it for myself.

  16. To the First Post. Says:

    @Got it all wrong rogan….. you have a tiny penis. you obviously dont know shit about psychedelics, or life at all.. so stfu ;)

  17. thestars Says:

    @top comment…. listen bro DMT will not kill you it will set you free from the rest of the self loathing people around you. DMT is not to be abused but respected I use it about twice a month to stay connected with my surroundings and to keep my ego in check. if i don’t then i will turn into one of you, and all of US know that just wont do. killer ink joe

  18. eco-tourism Says:

    Unquestionably consider that which you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be at the net the easiest factor to take into account of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed at the same time as other folks think about concerns that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as neatly as defined out the entire thing with no need side effect , other people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thank you

  19. trendy home decor Says:

    Great article! We will be linking to this great post on
    our website. Keep up the great writing.

  20. All4it Says:

    Wow, Let me start off by saying, people that have no idea shouldn’t express such negativity towards a subject they know nothing about. It’s an awesome tattoo and I CAN relate. 1 HUGE BLAST , the room started shaking and patterns and colours I never seen b4 started appearing.I saw past, present, and future events of my kids as well as my own life flashing in-front of me. A total rush that seemingly started ripping my body away, as I lay stomach down on the ground listening to The Doors – This is the end in 432hz. Just when I felt overwhelmed.. Buddha which I know nothing about…popped into my right side view and calmed me down as if we had a mental connection. I dove right into his belly! what happens next is unbelievable. I materialized in what I can only describe as a hindu/Pakistanian temple which didn’t have a roof because the roof was basically the universe swirling around, the colours were amazing and there was also a raised part with thrones as I looked down the hall which I can describe as being the king and Queen/ Creators of the universe sitting apon. We talked for a while, they showed me spectacular things!! but…. I needed to take a piss so I had to jump back into my body lol .. they were like ” Come Back Soon” Believe you me, I DID NOT want to return just yet …however, the experience left me feeling like “enlightenment” for the fist time I think EVER! It truly is powerful amazing stuff!!!!! p.s I’m more of a believer that aliens created us not so much in “gods” so I guess their are spiritual some things.. PEACE OUT, hope you enjoyed!

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