Josh Koscheck vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida Prefight Interview Video

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Koscheck checks his hair before the interview starts and then talks about his return to training at AKA just three days after loosing by decision to Thiago Alves. Less than two months since his loss, Koscheck will be matching up with Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC’s Fight For the Troops. He states that he’s been working his ass off training, he’s totally sick and tired of training and just wants to fight at this point, he’s ready. His opponent, he acknowledges is a tough fighter. Koscheck is worried that the American fans don’t realize how tough a fight this is going to be for Josh. Although Yoshiyuki Yoshida is great at Judo, he’s not afraid of the clinch, however, he will use his footwork and punches to avoid the threat of the clinch. Josh states that his training at American Top Team has helped him grow greatly as a fighter and he now has well rounded skills, he’s no longer just a wrestler.

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