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One of the best Free Events EVER… UFC Fight for the Troops

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Last night the UFC and Spike aired Fight for the Troops, a very honorable benefit for the US armed forces. Despite the constant nagging for donations (I wish there was some way to turn that off after you donated), the event was very exciting. The memorable and very thrilling fights of the night were:

Ben Saunders def. Brandon Wolff by TKO – 1:49 Round 1

Saunders put a hurting on Wolff, effectively using the muay thai clinch, even better than Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin 1, and constantly landing solid head kicks when Wolff was able to escape the clinch.

Steve Cantwell def. Razak Al-Hassan by sub (Armbar) – 4:04 Round 1

Ever see a made break his arm completely backward at the elbow joint?  Well if you saw the Cantwell vs Al-Hassan fight, you would have.  I don’t know if it was due to complete stubbornness or somehow the inability to tap either verbally or physically, but Al-Hassan didn’t tap while in the armbar and well, tap it or snap it.

Mike Swick def. Jonathan Goulet by KO – 0:33 Round 1

Another Quick Swick KO, 10 seconds to drop Goulet, 23 more seconds of pounding.

Josh Koscheck def. Yoshiyuki Yoshida by KO at 2:15, R1

Koscheck has really stepped up his stand up.  Koscheck landed a brutal KO on Yoshida, first stunning him / partial KO leaving Yoshida standing up and then bam! One more solid punch to leave his twitching on the mat.  Brutal!

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2 Responses to “One of the best Free Events EVER… UFC Fight for the Troops”

  1. ProCannonFodder Says:

    Some people (Cofield) are whining that inexperienced fighters and bad refereeing caused the injuries at the event. Big Deal… It’s a fight, getting hurt happens. Razak made the descision not to tap, Corey Hill has chicken-legs, Wolfff had a bullseye on his forehead, and Yoshida should of ducked, these things happen. I agree it was a great show.

  2. Tony Says:

    You’re right, there was some poor refs there

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