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Gina Carano Admits, Her Boobs are Fun to Play With

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Gina Carano just went from Maxim’s 16th hottest chick to #1. The title says it all, Gina Carano stated that most people compliment her on her smile and her eyes, however she likes her boobs the best, they’re fun to play with she says.¬† Check out the 1:50 mark for the proof.

 Thanks ProCannonFodder for the heads up!

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5 Responses to “Gina Carano Admits, Her Boobs are Fun to Play With”

  1. ProCannonFodder Says:

    I think they would be…

  2. Curtis Says:

    It is just about time for her to get back in the cage and fight!

  3. fu Says:


  4. holyhottie Says:

    She is such an inspiration to all of us beautiful girls who can also kick a**. Can’t wait to see her fight again this summer.

  5. Two Girls Fighting Says:

    A good fight .

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