Latasha Marzolla vs. Christy Tada Fight Video and Pics

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On May 30th former Playboy Model and WWE Actor Latasha Marzolla faced off with Christy Tada at Tuff-N-Uff Amateur Fighting Championships USA vs. Mexico in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Latasha handed out a total beating ending in a referee stoppage in the first round. Not bad, considering how much of an ass beating Gina Carano gave her last year.  Check out the video below.

Check out a pic of the whopping by Ray below:

Latasha Marzolla vs. Christy Tada

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3 Responses to “Latasha Marzolla vs. Christy Tada Fight Video and Pics”

  1. theflyingtsunami Says:

    I think you have your info incorrect re: Latasha and Gina. Gina’s fight was against Leticia Pestova, which is even indicated in the YouTube video. That was Gina’s first MMA fight. LaTasha and Gina have never fought officially/professionally but were part of Master Toddy’s team of Ring Girls involving their Muay Thai.

    You may want to update your site.

  2. admin Says:

    You’re right. damn!

  3. DansMuayThaiMMA Says:

    Latasha is pretty hot. And fierce too. I wouldn’t want to spar with her, and at the same time, I would… haha.

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