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A Quick Pic Amber Nichole Miller Update

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Amber Nichole Miller recently received the proofs from her latest photoshoot with Michael Vincent.  Check out the pics from the photoshoot.  I know you want em, so we’ll update you with the high res when they’re released.

Amber Nichole Miller swimsuit sexy

Amber Nichole Miller swimsuit exposed


Amber Nichole Miller sexy black dress

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2 Responses to “A Quick Pic Amber Nichole Miller Update”

  1. myke Says:

    is she getting uglier? what is the problem here? every time i see her she looks so different- and not in a good way. wont be long before her body catches up to that ugly face- WHAT HAPPENED AMBER??????? u used to be so hot!!!

  2. Fugitive Says:

    Yeah, something. She just doesn’t age well or she’s had some work done that just didn’t take. It’s too bad. She was hot back in the day.

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