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Meet Fighters Felice Herrig, Gideon Ray and the Fight Chix Models

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If you’re from Illinois, specifically the Lisle area, you might be happy to know that Gideon Ray, Keith Hackney and Felice Herrig will be doing an appearance at the Maple Ave Pub for Ultimate Fight Night. Typically we see these meet and greets in the Las Vegas area (I hope one day we’ll have one in NYC), so it’s nice to see an event like this popping up in IL. For more information, check out the image below, and read the official statement by Fight Chix:

Fight Chix UFN Sept 8 Meet Felice Herrig

“Mark this date down because on Sept 8th FIGHT CHIX will be having a HUGE UFC Fight Party at Maple Ave Pub. Special Guests will include Keith Hackney, Gideon Ray, Felice Herrig and several other Hackney Champions and of course a host of HOT FIGHT CHIX models. Oh yeah, AND the UFC will be on Hendo vs Rampage!”

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