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UFC Fighter Forrest Griffin Kicks Breaks Interviewer’s Leg!

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Last night we showed a funny video of Forrest Griffin being interviewed by Denise Pernula of Raw Vegas (Forrest and Denise got a bit frisky in the video). We we didn’t show you was the aftermath of this video. Apparently one of the crew members / interviewers, Eric Newby, volunteered to be kicked by Forrest Griffin if he was granted the option to ask Forrest one question. So, we takes a solid kick from Forrest Griffin and ends up breaking (hairline fracture) his femur! We have the video of the kick and an radio interview involving Forrest and Newby’s take on the event. Check it Check it Out!

Some people say Forrest is an idiot for doing it… others say Newby is.. What’s your take? Comment on it.

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One Response to “UFC Fighter Forrest Griffin Kicks Breaks Interviewer’s Leg!”

  1. sean Says:

    i would say that the “professional” fighter was too interested showing off to his girl, Would he be so keen to let a professional heavy weight boxer punch him in the face without guard. The girl seemed to lap up attack as expected. They would make a great professional wrestling couple

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